Coursera Data-analysis001:Getting Your Research Project Started

After check five codebooks are provided, I choose use the GapMind data sets and then put some relevant indicators into my research project.

  1. first topic of interest

    After read GapMinder codebook, I'm interested in female employee. Think about whether female employee rate and female literacy rate are associated. According to common sense, the relationship between them is positive correlation. If true, I am most interested in the degree.

  2. second topic to explore

    Maybe other variables also influence the female employee rate, I choose the urban rate, female salaried employees rate, female first marriage age and gross employ rate.

  3. codebook

    At the Google Drive.

  4. literature review

    Paper(Persistence of the Gender Gap and Low Employment of Female Workers in a Stratified Labor Market: Evidence from South Korea)says the gender gap in working conditions has barely improved in South Korea where various measures for gender equality have been in place for a relatively long time. And I can purpose that also happens in China.

    And Paper(Explaining women’s employment patterns in the local context: the role of education and local care policies in Terrassa (Spain)) says In Terrassa the level of educational attainment has a significant impact on
    mothers’ decisions about work and on work-care choices.

  5. hypothesis

    As I said newly, the status of women employee has positve dependence with their education status, marriage age and the urban status.